Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) is a scholarly, open access, multi-disciplinary, quarterly peer-reviewed research Journal. The key aim of the JERSSR is to provide a platform for educational experts, intellectuals, researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners, and scholars to impart and disseminate knowledge in the form of high-quality empirical and theoretical-based research articles, papers, case studies, literature reviews, and book reviews. The Journal provides a forum for the publication of original papers on a variety of subjects reflecting the educational, socio-economic, political issues, and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Preference is given to the contributions based on empirical research in the field of education and social sciences. However, book reviews and theoretical articles of immense importance and relativity; and of social scientists are also published. The Journal provides an international forum for the discussion and rapid dissemination of research findings in the field of Education, and Social Sciences ranging from primary level to higher at provincial, national, and international echelons. Additionally, JERSSR invites commentaries and original opinion pieces or analyses of issues and events of concern to the concern domains. Views expressed in the Journal are authors’ views, based on their research works and analyses, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Journal of Educational Research and Social Sciences Review (JERSSR) itself.

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